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Severe thunderstorm question?

What atmospheric variable allows MCS's to last for a longer period of time that airmass thunderstorms?

a. wind shear
b. surface dew point
c. presence of surface heating
d. instability

If, instead of writing down the question, you had asked what you don't understand, then, perhaps, I could have helped you.

You see, I learned meteorology in French and now, I teach it in Norwegian. Each language and especially the US has a different terminology. E.g. I am still wondering how "un marais barometrique" translates to other languages.

Your question was written by the people who wrote the content. I have been involved in maritime education for nearly 30 years and I know that each teacher has his own lingo. What is an "airmass thunderstorm?"

Anyway, I understand your question as: In a large system of unstable air masses, such as, perhaps, the squall line of a cold front, what would keep it to last longer than usual?

Well, I would answer: instability. But then, the air mass can be unstable or conditionally unstable, depending if the measured lapse rate is colder than the dry one, or not. If the latter, then the instability is depending on the moisture content of the atmosphere, which depends on the dew point.

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