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What Problems Does Outer Space Pose to Astronauts?

For instance; I know that they face muscular dystrophy without constant tread-milling and exercise. Despite that; what other threats does outer space pose to Astronauts?

Many, many problems.

Due to artificial gravity Astronauts bones also get thinner as their body no longer needs to support so much weight.

Outside the space craft there are more problems: The van Allen belts are large areas of space surrounding the earth that contain vast amounts of charged particles emit high levels of radiation. Most satellites are turned off when they pass though them, but a human would either be killed or have sever radiation poisoning.

Solar flares are also dangerous. Large amounts of the suns photosphere are thrown into space ijn violent eruptions and would again cause problems if they hit a manned (or unmanned) ship.


Elon Musk, the 21st Century Industrialist (BusinessWeek)

Nations hire him to get to outer space. His solar company is cash-flow
positive. His electric supercars seat seven. Superheroes emulate him. He wants
to die on Mars


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